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French patent agent Dominique-Antoine Casalonga was recorded as being at Paris, rue des Halles, 15. We believe he was an assignee of Alphonse Tellier et Cie. The name Dom. Casalonga appears on patents after 1903. Sometimes the name Casalonga appears alone (and sometimes this is because our source for the patent is Bulletin des lois or a similar abbreviated format).

The firm still exists, and documents its history. D.A. Casalonga had an engineering degree and invented mechanical devices to measure rates of flow of liquids. He started the firm in 1867, partly to help inventors create prototypes, and partly to help them get patents. In 1884 he co-founded "the first French association of patent attorneys", Syndicat des Ingénieurs et Conseils en Propriété Industrielle. His son Doumé Casalonga took over the firm in 1903, and Casalonga descendants continued in top roles for at least one more generation.[1]


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Patents for which Casalonga or Dom. Casalonga or D. Casalonga or D.-A. Casalonga was the patent agent