Bulletin des lois

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The Bulletin des lois (1793–1931)[1] was a comprehensive publication of legal information in France which included lists of patents.

The format for patents is:

[Patent number]. Brevet de [length of patent], [date filed];[2] [inventor's last name], représenté par [agent], [agent's location]. — [Title].

For example:[3]

300749. Brevet de quinze ans, 29 mai 1900; de Lamoignon, représenté par Casalonga, à Paris, rue des Halles, n° 15. — Perfectionnements aux aérostats dirigeables.

The patents are listed in straight numerical order, not sorted by category.


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  2. How do we know this is date filed and not date granted? Patent FR-1905-347162 appears in espacenet and in Bdl (no. 2655, July 1905, p. 1445); here the only date given in Bdl matches the date filed on the scanned copy.
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