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The New Zealand patent office at the time of early aviation was the New Zealand Patent Office and the current one is the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. It published the New Zealand Patent Office Journal‎ from 1912.

NZ is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to New Zealand.

Although the database of available patents extends back to the 1870s, aeronautical patents seem relatively sparse in the chronology up until a spate of airplane patents filed circa 1910. (This finding, however, should be considered provisional until we can do more thorough searching in the older patents; especially since our finding methods thus far have relied upon title-keyword searching, which is probably less reliable than following, for example, a subject-matter index.)

Patent filing process

Filing process as of 1914:

  • Applicants could file provisional before complete specifications.
  • Once a complete specification was accepted, it was open for inspection, and an abridgment was published in the Patent Office Journal.
    • The scans available from IPONZ seem to be usually of the complete specification, sometimes with additional documentation. The complete specification sometimes refers to the date of original filing. It also bears a dated stamp from the Patent Office which could probably be considered as the date the complete specification was filed.[1]
    • The "Published Date" given on the IPONZ database matches the date of the issue of NZPOJ which the abridgment was published.[2]
  • Anyone opposing the legitimacy of a patent was to notify the patent office within two months after publication.[3]

The important role of patent agents in submitting paperwork and drafting illustrations is clear from the documents we have available. Furthermore this role seems to have been dominated by a small group of three men, who originally composed the firm of Hughes, Baldwin & Rayward, and later split into Henry Hughes and Baldwin & Rayward.

Patents in this wiki

This wiki has 28 New Zealand patents and 41 patents filed by New Zealanders or people in New Zealand.

Patents filed in New Zealand: Patent NZ-1910-29726, Patent NZ-1911-28320, Patent NZ-1910-28965, Patent NZ-1912-31627, Patent NZ-1912-32291, Patent NZ-1913-32558, Patent NZ-1913-33445, Patent NZ-1913-33643, Patent NZ-1914-34378, Patent NZ-1906-21476, Patent NZ-1907-21476, Patent NZ-1908-24053, Patent NZ-1909-24838, Patent NZ-1909-26012, Patent NZ-1909-25865, Patent NZ-1910-26501, Patent NZ-1909-26981, Patent NZ-1910-29260, Patent NZ-1910-27803, Patent NZ-1910-27923, Patent NZ-1910-27491, Patent NZ-1911-30024, Patent NZ-1912-30924, Patent NZ-1912-31453, Patent NZ-1913-31652, Patent NZ-1914-34828, Patent NZ-1914-34859, Patent NZ-1914-35305
Patents filed by persons from New Zealand: Patent NZ-1912-32291, Patent NZ-1913-32558, Patent NZ-1913-33445, Patent NZ-1913-33643, Patent NZ-1914-34378, Patent GB-1896-6765, Patent GB-1896-11900, Patent FR-1904-342533, Patent CA-1904-89023, Patent ES-1904-34443, Patent MX-1904-3954, Patent US-1904-793746, Patent GB-1904-8997, Patent FR-1905-353567, Patent AU-1905-4472, Patent NZ-1907-21476, Patent NZ-1906-21476, Patent NZ-1909-24838, Patent GB-1909-18344, Patent NZ-1909-25865, Patent NZ-1910-26501, Patent NZ-1909-26981, Patent AU-1910-17277, Patent FR-1910-414483, Patent FR-1910-419623, Patent GB-1910-20125, Patent GB-1910-21808, Patent NZ-1910-27491, Patent GB-1910-8212, Patent GB-1910-19700, Patent FR-1911-419995, Patent GB-1911-17894, Patent US-1911-985375, Patent US-1911-985375, Patent US-1909-1035701, Patent US-1910-1018474, Patent GB-1911-1538, Patent NZ-1912-31453, Patent NZ-1913-31652, Patent GB-1918-122916, Patent FR-1918-504617


  1. We can make this inference because it is either the same as or a few days later than the date sometimes given by the agent as the date the documents were prepared. See Patent NZ-1911-27491 e.g.
  2. Compared in the case of Patent NZ-1912-30924. Prior to 1912 the patent office made use of a different publication, which we do not at present have available.
  3. NZPOJ vol. 3, p. 387 (30 July 1914)