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Louis Brennan was an engineer and aero inventor in London. He paid special attention to gyrostats and gyroscopic effects.

He gave his name as Louis Brennan, C.B.. "C.B." may refer to this honor: w:Companion of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath. We have not identified any professional certification that "C.B." could represent, yet.

In 1903 Brennan gave his occupation as Civil and Mechanical Engineer.[1] In 1916 he gave his occupation as Consulting Engineer.[2]

In 1903 he gave his address as Woodlands, Gillingham, County of Kent.[3] In 1916 he gave the address The Savage Club, Adelphia Terrace, County of London.[4]

Elmer Ambrose Sperry makes patent reference to the work with gyroscopes of a certain Brennan, likely this Brennan, as well as so a certain Schlick.[5]

His helicopter patent of 1916 was perhaps the first we've seen which was not published at the time it was granted. It was kept secret because it was judged to have military applications during WWI. Its publication was delayed until 1928, and the document refers to the Section 30 of the Patents and Designs Acts of 1907 and 1916; the law appears to be here

Most of Brennan's work is profoundly connected, with non-British patents referring to the British, and with the later aero-applicable British patents generally referring to the initial Patent GB-1903-27212. His work with gyroscopes ties explicitly into aircraft stability. Ball bearings enter into this. What we would designate as Patent GB-1899-8979 precedes everything, it seems, and it features ball bearings, but it doesn't make explicit any applicability to the gyroscope, which is Brennan's segue into aero-applicability, by way of the gyroscope's connexion to stability.

Brennan is an elegant case in which an inventor goes from mechanisms more generally, into some documented but not emphasized aero-applicability, and then, much later, into outright aero-applicability.

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Names Louis Brennan
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, AU, CA, CH, ES, FR, GB, IT, US
Locations Gillingham, County of Kent; London
Occupations civil engineer, mechanical engineer, consulting engineer
Tech areas Gyroscope, Gyrostats, Stability, Ball bearings, Helicopter
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