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Louis Mouillard

Louis-Pierre Mouillard, actually Louis-Pierre-Marie Mouillard, occasionally known as simply Louis Mouillard[1], was a key aero inventor, French, residing in locales ranging from Egypt to Algeria. He was highly collaborative with Octave Chanute, the two engaging in much correspondence. It was Mouillard with whom Clément Ader met, in Algeria, to study the flight of vultures.

In 1881 he published L'Empire de l'Air, an essay on the application of ornithology to aviation.

Mouillard gave a paper at the Aeronautical Navigation Conference at 1893 World's Fair (organized by Octave Chanute), on "A Programme for Safe Experimenting". He recommends against flight experiments which involve launching from cliffs (etc.) and instead suggests a takeoff during warm weather, in wind, over deep water. [2]

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Names Louis-Pierre-Marie Mouillard; Louis-Pierre Mouillard; Louis Mouillard
Birth date
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Countries US
Locations Cairo, Egypt
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Glider, Frame, Navigation, Piloting, Wings, Construction, Design
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