Charles Labrousse to Louis-Pierre Mouillard 2-Aug-1892

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Dear Sir,

Our colleague Dr. Hureau de Villeneuve must have told you that at the meeting of the S.F.S.A. on July 7, I agreed to correspond with you and to do the proofreading of your new book on L'Empire de L'Air.

Various other obligations, especially the signals for aeronautical use which have been put in operation on July 10, by means of the Electric Semaphores of the Channel, prevented me from getting in touch with you earlier. I do it now by sending you under separate cover a pamphlet titled Air-Navigation in 1899 and this sample of my very poor handwriting.

Booth, at least, may show you my love for "aeromania" (aeronautic hobby) in which you have taken such an outstanding place, also that I may do as a proofreader, at your service.

I shall do this work without remuneration. All I ask are two unreasonable requests, as follows:

1.) That you would be kind enough to present me with a copy of your L'Empire de l'Air.

2.) That you allow me to add to your new book a commentary as Captain XXX did to Dr. Mar[e]y's book on Le Vol des Oisseux (The flight of birds), 1880. This supplement will be titled "The laws of aviation" and when printed will have about the same size as the pamphlet I am mailing you. Printing expenses to be paid by you and I shall surrender all other rights of authorship. In case I should get the foolish notion to have a separate printing of it made, this would be at my expense.

With this appendix we could have some preliminary remarks either by Dr. Marcy of the Institute or by Mr. Jaunsen of the Institute and I have the fatuity to believe that your book would not be impaired by either one. Hoping that such a presumption does not leave an unfavorable impression of me in your mind, I am

Very truly yours,
Ch. Labrousse Lt. of the French Navy retired
Member of the permanent civil
committee of Aeronautics, etc.

25 Avenue de Friedland


Sender Charles Denis Labrousse
Recipient Louis-Pierre Mouillard
Date sent 2-Aug-1892
From location Paris
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Communication type
Language French
Refers to flight?
Tech fields
Length (in words) 1743
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