Louis-Pierre Mouillard to Octave Chanute 16-Apr-1890

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Sender Louis-Pierre Mouillard
Recipient Octave Chanute
Date sent April 16, 1890
From location Cairo
To location
Communication type
Language French
Refers to flight? Yes
Tech fields balloon, airplane
Length (in words)
Full text available

http://invention.psychology.msstate.edu/i/Chanute/library/Chanute_Mouillard/Chanute-Mouillard.html ; in L'Aeronaute ; narrow wing of speedy soaring birds ; the balloon is the enemy of the airplane by impeding development with its dominant design ; L'Empire de l'Air was published by G. Masson in 1881 ; I am preparing a continuation of this work which will be titled: Le Vol Sans Battement [Flight without Flapping Wing] ; I don't do math but I observe vultures a lot and will assist if I can }}