Aero Club of America, 1907, Third annual exhibition

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Lists exhibits expected at the Third Annual Exhibition of the Aero Club of America, to be held at Grand Central Palace, New York, October 24–31.

Original title Third annual exhibition
Simple title Third annual exhibition
Authors Aero Club of America
Date 1907
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords Aero Club of America, Automobile Club of America, club, exhibition, annual, Third Annual Exhibition of the Aero Club of America, 1907, Alfred N. Chandler, J. C. McCoy, Alan R. Hawley, Charles J. Strobel, Thomas Scott Baldwin, Carl E. Myers, Curtiss, H. C. Gammeter, S. Y. Beach, W. M. Keil, C. Buschner, A. V. Wilson, Louis H. Hall, William Morgan, William J. William J. Brewer, Carl Hartman, W. R. Kimball, Henry Rodemyer, C. S. Wardwell, Silas J. Coyne, C. P. Goerz, T. T. Lovelace, Julian P. Thomas, William A. Eddy, Continental Caoutchouc Company, American Magazine of Aeronautics, Smithsonian Institution, LTA, airplane, glider, communications, photography, advertising, electricity
Journal Amer. Mag. Aeronautics
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  • Brockett 1910, page 10, entry 131: Aero Club of America. Third annual exhibition. Amer. Mag. Aeronautics, Vol. 1, No. 4 (Oct. 1907), New York, pp. 9-10. S (131
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The Aero Club of America will again this year join hands witli the Automobile

Club of America and hold its Third Annual Exhibition of aeronautic apparatus at G-rand Central Palace, New York, October 24-31.

On account of the aeronautic exhibit at Jamestown it was thought tliat it might be difficult to arrange a successful exhibition, but the Club has met with agreeable surprises and it is not unlikely that this one will surpass the two previous. In ad- dition, it has l)een possible to obtain all the exhibits from Jamestown.

Among the exhibits will be found the following: Balloons — Nirvana of Dr. Julian P. Thomas, Initial of Alfred N. Chandler, America of J. C. McCov, Psyche of J. C. McCoy, St. Louis of Alan P. Hawley. Tlic America and St. Louis are competing balloons in the International Pace. It is also expected to have on ex- hibition the balloons of the foreign contestants in tliis race. Dirigible Balloons — Santos Dumont No. 9, Smithsonian Institution; the California Arrow, Captain Thos. S. Baldwin; one from Charles J. Strobel ; New York, Di'. 'I'honias; two from Capt. T. T. Lovelace; No. 23 of Carl E. ^Mycrs. Aevonaulir Motors — Aero & Marine Motor Co., G. H. Curtiss Mfg. Co., Prospect Motor Co., the famous Antoi- nette motor from Adams Mfg. Co. Full Sized Flying Machines — Orthopter of H. C. Gammeter, Aeroplane of S. Y. Beach, W. M. Keil's gliding machine. Models — Air- ship, C. Buschner; kite balloon and regulation balloon, August Piedinger; airship, Peter Tkatchenko; aeroplane, A. Y. Wilson; glider, Louis H. Hall; flying uiachine, Carl Hartnum; flying paper models, William Morgan; S-wing aeroplane, William A. Eddy; flying model helicopter, AV. E. Kimball. Fabrics — Contiuental Caoutchouc Co. Kites — Henry Eodemyer, C. S. Wardwell, Silas J. Conyne. Mis- cellaneous — Bearings, Wm. J. Brewer, C.E. ; propellers, Carl Hartman; drawings and photographs of proposed machines ; Photographs of various balloons and air- ships, aerial photographs, etc. ; model electric advertising balloon, Lord Electric Co.; balloon wireless outfit; an educational exhibit of the American Magazine of Aeronautics; balloon cameras, lenses., etc., C. P. Goerz, American Optical Co. Ex- hibits are constantly coming in and the list will be considerably longer by October 24. Moving pictures of the International Eace will be shown daily during the Show on the same floor.

The Aero Club has l)cen favored this year in obtaining the third floor of the Palace instead of being placed near the roof as last year, thus avoiding the crush

and annoyances connected with the viewing of the exhibits in 1906.