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Brockett, Paul. 1910. Bibliography of Aeronautics. Smithsonian Institution. Scan at Internet Archive.

This remarkable work collects over 13,000 bibliographic entries for works on aeronautics and aviation up to 1910. The successor was either Brockett, 1916 or Brockett, 1921.

The first sections of the book, before the entries begin, are brief. They include a list of abbreviations used in the book mainly of of publications.

The next sections are direct quotes from the book. Journal abbreviations are listed. Those abbreviations are in this wiki too.

Peter's inference is that Brockett was collecting these entries on index cards or something like that. He was able to reorder and publish them as a book rather quickly, that is, including materials up to June 1909 in a 1910 book. Speed led to certain small errors in the final work: (a) some duplicate entries ; (b) entries arriving or sorted late are published without index numbers; (c) the whole batch of Canadian materials could not be sorted quickly enough and were published all in an appendix, not in alphabetical order. There are a number of misspellings or the use of the wrong French or German accents.

Brockett numbers

Peter calls the numbers at the end of each entry, with one parenthesis in front, with the format "(2948", Brockett numbers. Most entries have one. For some entries, they are missing. Some have a suffix a or b, in order to alphabetize the entries as desired.


Original title Bibliography of Aeronautics
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Authors Paul Brockett
Date 1910
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