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Ludwig Schmidl was an aero inventor working mainly with flapping, or at the very least "modifiable", wings, tangent to other aspects of the airplane, and perhaps with an emphasis on the relevant aspects of aircraft frames. He was an Imperial and Royal First Lieutenant in the Austrian Army, located at Purgleitnergasse, 30, Weinst (or Weiner), Neustadt, Austria [1], though on rare occasion he has been located in Germany [2]. One patent makes specific reference to the applicability of its innovations to "produits industriels nouveaux", that is, to the ability of these improvements to be applied variably, and on a mass scale. We associate this sort of thinking to the dawn of industry, per se.[3]

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Names Ludwig Schmidl; Schmidt Ludwig (This latter is an erroneous Germanization found within Hungarian data)
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, FR, HU, US
Locations Purgleitnergasse, 30, Weinst (or Wiener), Neustadt, Austria
Occupations Military officer
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Flapping, Frame, Construction, Design, Aerodynamics, Chassis, Wheels, Landing, Fuselage, Industry
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