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Joseph Wetterwald was a Swiss aero inventor, whom we have as an engineering student located at 19, Zähringstrasse, Lucerne, Switzerland.[1] We're still gathering patent and other data on him. It may be that he had 2-3 key inventions, which were somewhat closely related, and that he filed these in quite a cosmopolitan manner.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Joseph Wetterwald

  • Patent CH-1910-52044 (English title: Single lever double control device for aircraft, submarines, etc., Filing date: 1910-08-03)
  • Patent AT-1910-51938 (English title: Control device for aircraft or the like, Filing date: 1910-08-06)
  • Patent GB-1910-19017 (Filing date: 1910-08-12)
  • Patent ES-1910-48744 (English title: A single lever and double steering system for vehicles, especially for aerostats, Filing date: 1910-08-26)
  • Patent HU-1910-54083 (English title: Single-lift dual steering device for various vehicles, mainly aircraft, Filing date: 1910-08-26)
  • Patent CA-1910-130429 (English title: Steering device for vehicles, flying machines, etc., Filing date: 1910-09-01)
  • Patent FR-1910-419949 (English title: Single-lever, dual-effect rudder system for vehicles, particularly aviation aircraft, Filing date: 1910-09-02)
  • Patent CH-1910-52816 (English title: Automatic stabilization device on airplanes, Filing date: 1910-10-18)
  • Patent RU-1910-23136 (English title: Airplane, Supplementary to patent: Patent GB-1910-26340 Patent CH-1910-52816, Filing date: 1910-10-27)
  • Patent ES-1910-49189 (English title: An automatic safety steering for aerostats especially for airplanes, Filing date: 1910-11-02)
  • Patent FR-1910-422337 (English title: Automatic safety direction for air vehicles, especially for aeroplanes, Filing date: 1910-11-09)
  • Patent GB-1910-26340 (English title: Automatic Safety-controlling Device for Aerial Machines especially Aeroplanes, Filing date: 1910-11-12)
  • Patent CA-1910-132029 (English title: Controller for aeroplane, Filing date: 1910-11-22)
  • Patent US-1912-1020671 (Filing date: 1910-11-23)
  • Patent US-1911-985958 (English title: Steering device for vehicles, airships, aeroplanes, submarines, and the like, Supplementary to patent: 1, Filing date: 1969-12-31)
  • Patent CH-1911-52043 (English title: Device for connecting tension wires to rod-like parts of aircraft, Filing date: 1911-02-04)
  • Patent GB-1911-3504 (English title: Devices for Fastening Tensioning Wires and Struts to the Struts and Stays of Flying Machines, Supplementary to patent: Patent CH-1911-52043, Filing date: 1911-02-11)
  • Patent FR-1911-426350 (English title: Device for fixing metal stretcher wires to aircraft fuselages, Filing date: 1911-02-22)


Names Joseph Wetterwald
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, CA, CH, ES, FR, GB, HU, US
Locations 19, Zähringstrasse, Lucerne, Switzerland
Occupations Student, Engineer
Tech areas Stability, Control, Steering, Safety, Airplane, Aerostat, Construction, Wood, Metal, Design
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