Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin

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Brothers Gabriel Voisin and Charles Voisin. Engineer Colliex drew the plans for the Farman aeroplane and he was chief of the technical staff that built the aeroplane; it appears that for this he was given a souvenir gold medal designed by the sculptor Léon Delagrange. Preceded by Ateliers d'Aviation Édouard Surcouf, Blériot et Voisin.

Voisin No. 1, 1907, named Kapferer for its customer, as was its tradition, was unsuccessful. but Voisin 2 (Delagrange 1), made hops at Bagatelle, March 1907. First good aircraft was Voisin 4 (Farman 1), tested at Issy from 30 Sep 1907. On 28 Feb 1908 obtained license to built Wright flyers in France; these do not appear to be counted in the Voisin numbering system. By the end of 1912, numbered Voisins had reached No. 76 and some 300 aircraft had been sold. Charles was killed in September 1912 and Gabriel renamed the company Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes G. Voisin.


Names Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin
Country France
City Rue de la Ferme, Billancourt, Paris, département Seine, France; 36 Boulevard Gambetta, Issy-les-Moulineaux, département Seine, France.
Started aero No later than 1907
Ended aero 1912
Key people Gabriel Voisin, Charles Voisin, Colliex
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