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Первое Российское Товарищество Воздухоплавания «С.С.Щетинин и Ко» (First Russian Aeronautics Company Shchetinin & Co.) was an airplane manufacturer founded in 1909 by Sergei Sergeyevitch Shchetinin (Сергей Сергеевич Щетинин), M. A. Shcherbatov,[1] and Yakov Modestovitch Gakkel (Яков Модестович Гаккель)..

Shchetinin, a lawyer, obtained a grant from the Russian War Ministry to start the company. First it took only private contracts,[1] but around 1912 the War Ministry became its primary customer, then after 1914 the Russian Naval Ministry.[2]

It seems Boris Nikitich Vorobiev worked for this company, though we don't know exactly what he did, and he became editor of Vestnik Vozdukhoplavaniya at the same time.[3]

Michkail Mikhailovich Shishmaryev (Shishmarve) was an early designer at the factory. They were joined in early 1913 by Dmitrii Pavlovich Grigorovich who designed a successful line of flying boats.[1]


The War Ministry contracted with Shchetinin to produce Nieuport IV monoplanes and Farman-type biplanes. The company is best known for production of flying boats for naval aviation designed by Grigorovich; his initial designs were pusher biplane flying-boats based on a Donnet-Leveque. Some 20 types of Grigorovich M flying boats (M = Morskoi = naval) were built by October 1917); the most well-known was the M9, 212 of which were delivered from April 1916 through the middle of 1917. Meanwhile, Shishmaryev was responsible for the GASN, a seaplane for special duties, and a large twin-engined biplane of 1917.[1]

According to Gunston's listing under Shcyetinin and Shchyerbakov, total output for company by October 1917 was about 2,000, including about 580 of M9 type. In April 1917, Grigorovich left PRTV to start his own factory at St. Petersburg, apparently to build experimental seaplanes for the Naval Department. After the PRTV factory was nationalized, June 1918, the buildings at Komendantskiy Airfield were merged into State Aviation Factory No. 3. [Need to return to RA and determine when buildings were at Komendantskiy Airfield as that location is missing under Place.] [Shishmaryev is listed in G and 2dG, need to return to RA to see if he is listed there.][1]


Locations: Saint Petersburg, Russia: began in workshop on Korpousnaya Street; then added factory built on land purchased at Korpousnoy Airfield; later built seaplane test station at Krestovskiy Island. Also built naval test station at Kroughlaya Bay, Sevastopol, where a company branch was planned, and in 1916 started a building a new factory in Yaroslavl, both of which were totally looted during the uprisings of 1917. Also, in the events of 1917, the buildings on Korpousnaya Street were set afire and destroyed.

Flying school

At Gatchina in 1910, the company opened an affiliated flying school which became known as Гамаюн/Gamayun. (This name may have come to be used for the rest of the company and its aircraft.[4]


Pervoye Rossiyskoye Tovarishchestvo Vozdoukhoplavaniya; PRTV ( First Russian Company of Aeronautics); Factory of Shchetinin and Shcherbatov and in 1915, Gamayun for a mythical human-bird in Slavonic legend.[1]



Names Первое Российское Товарищество Воздухоплавания «С.С.Щетинин и Ко», First Russian Aeronautics Company Shchetinin & Co., ПРТВ «С.С.Щетинин и Ко», Shchetinin, Гамаюн, Pervoye Rossiyskoye Tovarishchestvo Vozdoukhoplavaniya, PRTV, First Russian Company of Aeronautics, Factory of Shchetinin and Shcherbatov, Gamayun
Country RU
City Saint Petersburg
Keywords airplane, hydroaeroplane, flying boat, biplane, Komendantskiy Airfield, Korpousnoy Airfield, Krestovskiy Island
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1917
Key people Sergei Sergeyevitch Shchetinin, Yakov Modestovitch Gakkel, Boris Nikitich Vorobiev, M. A. Shcherbatov, Shcherbakov, Michkail Mikhailovich Shishmaryev, Shishmarve, Dimitry Pavlovich Grigorovich
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