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One Heinrich Bauer was an electrician and aero inventor in Freudenstadt, Wurtemburg, Germany. Circa 1912-1913, at least, our patent data has him residing Steinamanger, Hungary. Espacenet gives data on this inventor name in connexion with patents filed in many nations. See a basic Heinrich Bauer search on Espacenet. This search yields extraneous results as well, and his German filings seem to be missing. He filed in collaboration with Eugen Schmid, as well as with others, it seems.

Early British data has an Heinrich Bauer as a “Glove Manufacturer” filing from Bartholomäusgasse, 3, Prague, Bohemia, German Empire.[1] This is fairly solid work with LTA.

Later British data has him as an Electrician located in Freudenstadt, Wurtemburg, Empire of Germany.[2] This is the hybrid airplane-boat-car elaborated in collaboration with Eugen Schmid.

French data has him located in Hungary.[3] Austrian data has him located in Steinamanger, Hungary.[4] This location has to do with his work on a human-powered flying bicycle.

We have also uncovered a Max Heinrich Bauer, a quite close contemporary, quite likely a separate individual, located in Berlin, whose use of the word "hydroplane" is quite intriguing. See Bauer for more on this surname.

We are looking into the possibility that this “Heinrich Bauer” does not all pertain to one inventor. Similarly, and almost conversely, we are looking at the possibility that some of it pertains to Max Heinrich Bauer‎. It seems unlikely that all of the material, under both name designations, pertains to one inventor. We are examining and referencing all occupation and location and technical data.

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Names Heinrich Bauer
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, HU, FR, AT, GB
Locations Freudenstadt, Wurtemburg
Occupations Electrician
Tech areas Human-powered, Airplane, Marine, Hybrid
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