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Max Heinrich Bauer was an aero inventor, and Engineer addressed at “29/30, Nollendorf Strasse, Berlin, in the German Empire”.[1] His work seems to straddle the edge on the meaning of “hydroplane”. His vehicles indeed plane upon the water, though the phrase “aerial navigation” also comes up. Some of what we have under simple Heinrich Bauer almost definitely pertains to this individual.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Max Heinrich Bauer

  • Patent GB-1909-26916 (English title: Improvements in and relating to Propellers with Reaction Blades for Marine and Aerial Navigation, Filing date: 1909-11-19)
  • Patent CH-1909-50297 (English title: Bearing for propeller shafts on water and airships, the propellers of which have counter blades, Filing date: 1909-11-25)
  • Patent FR-1910-423113 (English title: Hydroplane, Filing date: 1910-11-28)


Names Max Heinrich Bauer
Birth date
Death date
Countries CH, FR, GB
Locations Berlin
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Hydroplane, Propellers
Wikidata id