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Viktor Silberer was an Austrian publisher and aero enthusaist; he organized the Vienna exhibition, 1888 and subsequently ran a training course for military aeronautics.

In 1888, an extensive exhibition of all things relating to ballooning was arranged by Viktor Silberer, a well known amateur, who took great interest in the sport. The success of the exhibition was very great, and it attracted general attention to the subject. The inevitable committee was of course formed, with instructions to visit London, Paris, and Berlin in order to find out all that was known. Voluminous reports were presented in due course, and in 1890 a military course of aeronautics was started. It was placed under the direction of Silberer, who had constructed a ballooning establishment for himself in the Prater at Vienna. Practical instruction was given both with captive and free balloons, and the theoretical aspect of the matter was also considered. The value of the instruction was considered evident, and it was continued during the next year and attended by a larger number of men and officers.[1]

Some scans of aeronautics books on the Internet Archive are stamped with his name: 1; 2

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Names Viktor Silberer; Victor Silberer
Birth date 1846-10-25
Death date 1924-4-11
Countries Austria
Locations Vienna
Occupations publisher, Wiener Luftschiffer-Zeitung
Tech areas LTA
Affiliations Vienna Aero Club, Austrian Aero Club
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