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Pierre-Georges Unné was an aero inventor working in Paris and Le Havre. His patents deal especially with aircraft motors. Georges-Henri-Marius Canton and Émile Salmson were his frequent collaborators and business partners.

He grew up in Sweden and attended college there.[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Pierre-Georges Unné

  • Patent FR-1909-397500 (English title: Mechanical assurance of airplane's transversal equlibrium, Filing date: 1909-02-26)
  • Patent GB-1909-27672 (English title: Improvements in Fluid Pressure Engines for Aerial Machines, Filing date: 1909-11-27)
  • Patent GB-1909-27673 (English title: Hollow tubes in the construction of aeroplanes and other light apparatus, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1909-399591, Filing date: 1909-11-27)
  • Patent FR-1909-399591 (English title: Tubes for construction of airplanes or other very light machinery, Filing date: 1909-02-17)
  • Patent FR-1910-420825 (English title: Cooling motors with cylinders in star or V arrangement, particularly applicable for airplane motors, Filing date: 1910-09-27)
  • Patent DE-1912-252095 (Filing date: 1911-05-05)
  • Patent GB-1911-26446 (English title: Motors suitable for Flying Machines, Filing date: 1911-04-18)


Names Pierre-Georges Unné
Birth date 1877
Death date 1960
Countries FR
Locations Paris; Le Havre
Occupations engineer
Tech areas Motor, Propulsion, Stability
Affiliations Canton et Unné
Wikidata id Q15642593