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Patent FR-1910-416676 Original Diagram

Inventor Ernst Carl Alexander Baumann is described on a patent as an Engineer at 8 Bergstrasse, Stuttgart-Oberturkheim, Germany.[1] On German and Austrian filings the name is simply Alexander Baumann. In most of his filings, his location is Berlin-Charlottenburg, and then Berlin-Halensee, nearby.

Baumann filed an international family of patents on aerodynamic surfaces jointly with Ernst Emil Freytag.

Later it seems he had some connection with Flugzeugwerft G.m.b.H. and Zeppelin-Werke G.m.b.H. in Staaken bei Spandau (also close to Berlin, further west of Charlottenburg.)

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Ernst Carl Alexander Baumann or Alexander Baumann


Birth date
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Countries DE, FR, GB
Locations Germany
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Kite, Construction, Frame, Chassis, Lift, Stability, Navigation, Automatic stability
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