Hubert Latham

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Latham sur Antoinette.jpg

Hubert Latham was a pilot who became famous in 1909.

Zahm (1911) writes:[1]

Hubert Latham, in his beautiful Antoinette monoplane, began to achieve distinction for himself and his admirably designed long-tailed flyer early in the spring, and, here midsummer, was one of the favorite idols of the throned aërodromes. He preferred a lofty course; he cut through the sky with the precision and grace of a winged-spear; he fascinated the spectators by the steadiness of his sweep. The French reporters declare they saw him roll and light cigarettes in full flight.

In the process he set various records and unsuccessfully attempted to win the Daily Mail prize for crossing the English Channel. After Blériot beat him to it, he tried again on 27 July 1909 but failed again, forced to land two miles short of the goal.[2]

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