Walter Henry Barling

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The "Barling Bomber" in flight

Walter Henry Barling was an aeronautical engineer, whom our data has located at "Cabar", Petersham Avenue, Byfleet, Surrey.[1]. He was the designer of the Witteman-Lewis XNBL-1.[2]

He will factor into the tail end of our patent data, often in collaboration with Walter George Tarrant.

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Patents whose inventor or applicant is Walter Henry Barling

  • Patent GB-1918-124893 (English title: Improvements in or connected with the Steering or Controlling of Aircraft by way of a balanced rudder, Filing date: 1918-04-04)
  • Patent GB-1918-124304 (English title: Improvements in Landing Skids for Aeroplanes or similar Aircraft, Filing date: 1918-04-05)


Names Walter Henry Barling
Birth date
Death date
Countries GB
Locations "Cabar", Petersham Avenue, Byfleet, Surrey
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Biplane, Triplane, Construction, Design, Fuselage, Frame
Affiliations Royal Aircraft Factory, Wittemann-Lewis Aircraft Co.
Wikidata id