Société des Hydroaéroplanes Donnet-Lévêque

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Founders:Jérôme Donnet and Henri Lévêque

François Denhaut, designer.

Company formed 25 July 1912 to build flying-boats and amphibians to Denhaut's design. Standard product a 2-seater with Gnome engines. Donnet left in early 1913, and that appears to have also ended the association with Denhaut. Company operated then as Société des Hydroaéroplanes Lévêque, which was absorbed later that year by the Franco-British Aviation Co. Ltd. (FBA). Donnet went on to form firm with Denhaut, called Donnet-Denhaut.

Original works on Seine at Juvisy; location suggests that this was Denhaut's workshop. Main factory at Quai de Seine, Argenteil, (Paris?).

SD122 is for listing for FBA.


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Names Société des Hydroaéroplanes (Donnet-Lévêque)
Country France
City Juvisy; Quai de Seine, Argenteil, (Paris?).
Started aero 1912
Ended aero 1913
Key people Jérôme Donnet, Henri Lévêque, François Denhaut
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