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Founders J. Donnet and designer F. Denhaut of Donnet-Leveque formed the Donnet-Denhaut firm to built Denhaut flying boats for anti-U-boat warfare. In 1919 Denhaut was replaced as designer by Percheron and firm was renamed either Hydravions J. Donnet or J. Donnet Establissements.

The firm had a factory on Ile de la Jatte (J. Donnet Etablissements listed at 5-15 Boulevard de Levallois Prolonge, Ile de la Jatte, Levallois-Perret, Neuilly-Seine.)


Names Donnet-Denhaut, 1919, either Hydravions J. Donnet or J. Donnet Establissements, 1920, J. Donnet Establissements.
Country France
City Levallois-Perret, Neuilly-Seine
Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1919
Key people J. Donnet, F. Denhaut, Percheron
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