Peterburgskii Tovarishchyestva Aviatsit

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identified as first aircraft factory in Russia. PTA1 was based on Farman for but was made in easily disconnected sections to meet army requirements. Completed January 11, was flown by V. A. Lebedyev.

Since first craft completed we are assuming firm started 1910. At this time we do not know if this is the same as the firm called PRTV by RA. However, since Lebedev was the pilot, this could also be the same as the Lebed factory. Or two firms could be claiming to be the first aviation firm in Russia.


Names Peterburgskii Tovarishchyestva Aviatsit
Country Russia
City St. Petersburg
Started aero 1910
Ended aero
Key people V. A. Lebedyev
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