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In this first issue of Aircraft, editor Lawson writes with attitude and makes some unusual predictive and philosophical comments. Some of these are noted by biographer Lyell Henry.[1]

Lawson argues that man is in the middle of a great evolution characterized by increasing organization:

  • "With the development of aircraft, organization in the movement will gradually take place, until the time finally arrives when one human brain will direct the whole aeronautical machinery in all parts of the world. And this human brain will merely be a lieutenant working in conjunction with other lieutenants acting as directors of various other branches of human industry, and all directed by one supreme mind at the head of the whole human race."
  • "We therefore advise our readers to join aero clubs, and those who live in cities where there are no aero clubs, to organize them; and we advise the different clubs to join the State organization, and we advise the various State organizations to join the national association, and the national association, which is at present the Aero Club of America, to remain a member of the International Federation Aeronautique, and all pull together to make one grand successful step forward in the aeronautical movement."


Original title Editorial: Organization, High Flying, Don't Whine
Simple title Editorial
Authors Alfred William Lawson
Date 1910-03
Countries US
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Keywords future, prediction, cybernetics, aircraft, Aero Club of America, FAI, airplane, heavier-than-air
Journal Aircraft
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