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Alfred William Lawson founded the Lawson Aircraft Corp. and published Fly Magazine and Aircraft (Lawson Publishing Company).

According to his biographer, Lawson from 1908–1918 "was primarily a propagandist for the cause of aviation, using two popular aircraft journals as vehicles for promoting the infant aircraft industry and his unusual vision of a world brought to perfection through aeronautical progress." After this time he got more directly involved in the industry and attempted to create a nationwide airline network.[1]

There is lots of Lawsoniana at the Wisconsin Historical Society, online and hard copy.

Publications by or about Alfred William Lawson


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Names Alfred William Lawson; Alfred W. Lawson; Alfred Lawson
Birth date 03-24-1859
Death date 1954
Countries GB, US
Locations London; Windsor, Ontario; Detroit, Michigan; Green Bay, WI
Occupations airplane maker, publisher
Tech areas Airplane
Affiliations Lawson Aircraft Corp., Fly Magazine, Aircraft
Wikidata id