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Jules-Jean-Jacques-Paul Koechlin a.k.a. Paul Koechlin was an aero inventor and founder of Ateliers de Pischoff-Koechlin and Aeroplanes P. Koechlin.

His name, occupation, and address as given in Patent GB-1911-12739 are: "Jules Jean Jacques Paul Koechlin, Constructing Engineer, of 27, rue de Vanves, Bellancourt, Seine, France".[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Jules-Jean-Jacques-Paul Koechlin or Jules Jean Jacques Paul Koechlin


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Names Jules-Jean-Jacques-Paul Koechlin; Jules Jean Jacques Paul Koechlin; Paul Koechlin
Birth date 1881
Death date 1916
Countries FR, GB
Locations Bellancourt, département Seine, France
Occupations engineer, constructing engineer
Tech areas Wheels, Landing, Airplane, Skids, Elasticity, Suspension, Monoplane
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