Hoernes, 1903, Die Luftschiffahrt der Gegenwart

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Hermann Hoernes. Die Luftschiffahrt der Gegenwart. Wien, Pest, Leipzig: A Hartleben's Verlag, 1903.

Systematic and useful review of current aircraft technologies. Includes occasional French and English translations of important terms.

Powered heavier-than-air flight is dealt with in the chapter called Flugmaschinen (p. 203). (This follows the chapter on gliders which included Lilienthal and the Wright Brothers.) Flugmaschinen are divided into three main categories: 1. Schraubenflieger (hélicoptères, helicopters) 2. Flügelflieger (orthoptères, ornithopters) 3. Drachenflieger (aéroplanes, airplanes)

Drachenflieger (same in singular and plural) – "Zu dieser Gruppe wurden alle Apparate gerechnet, bei denen die Tragkraft durch Luftverdichtung unterhalb unbeweglicher, rasch durch die Luft vorwärts bewegter Drachenflächen ensteht."

Penaud, Wenham, Maxim, Langley, Jules Carelli, and Wilhelm Kress are mentioned under this category. At the end is a quotation of the claim by Gustav Weißkopf, a.k.a. Gustave Whitehead, in Connecticut.

Original title Die Luftschiffahrt der Gegenwart
Simple title The airship of the present
Authors Hermann Hoernes
Date 1903
Countries AH, DE
Languages de
Keywords LTA, balloon, dirigible, society, club, wind, airplane, meteorology, kite, glider, Otto Lilienthal, Wright Brothers, Lawrence Hargrave, Drachenflieger, Hiram Stevens Maxim, Samuel Pierpont Langley, Jules Carelli, Wilhelm Kress, Gustave Whitehead
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 289
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