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Georg von Tschudi was a captain in the German military with a long-term involvement in aeronautics. He was commander of the German Balloon Corps at Tempelhof, in which capacity he examined some early Zeppelin designs, in 1890.[1]

Von Tschudi joined the board of directors of the Berliner Verein für Luftschiffahrt in 1897. He was also a corresponding member of the Oberrheinischen Verein für Luftschiffahrt.[2]

He attended the International Aeronautics Congress at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

In 1909, he directed the 1st Internationale Luftschiffahrt Ausstellung in Frankfurt.

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Names Georg von Tschudi
Birth date 1862-01-29
Death date 1928-10-07
Countries DE
Locations Wiesbaden
Occupations military officer
Tech areas LTA
Affiliations Berliner Verein für Luftschiffahrt, Oberrheinischen Verein für Luftschiffahrt, German Balloon Corps, 1st Internationale Luftschiffahrt Ausstellung
Wikidata id Q1506705