Catalogue des Brevets d'Invention

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Catalogue des Brevets d'Invention

The Catalogue des Brevets d'Invention (CdB) or (Cdbi) is a series of volumes with data on French patents from 1844 to 1883, perhaps all such patents. We have primarily accessed these volumes, in hard copy, at the STIC library of the United States Patent Office and at the INPI (France) facility located in Courbevoie, a suburb to the west of Paris. (The French Catalogue des Brevets d'Invention is not to be confused with the Catalogue de Brevets d'Invention - Belgian‎.) Though there may have been overlapping years of publication, these volumes are close in format to those of the Bulletin Officiel de la propriété industrielle & commerciale, and the latter may be seen as the "new title" of the former.

Regarding patent years, this series of publications has a peculiarity in bear in mind ; the year of publication, and therefore the noted at the bottom of the title page, is the year following the year pertaining to the granting of the patents filed. The books are labelled on the outside, however, with a tidy year, that of, and not that following, the year of the patents having been registered. (The title page does also include the actual range of filing or granting dates which are included.) Though this is a French publication, covering filings with the French patent office, our references to "Publication date", drawn from the protocols of French originals, is another matter, which may or may not correlate with the year of these books' being printed or with the year of the actual filing or granting.

Full index and scans of the CdB are online at Hathitrust: Catalogue des Brevets d'Invention treated as a per se earlier title of the Bulletin officiel de la propriéte industrielle et commerciale

Some issues/editions are available at USPTO/STIC.

We sometimes describe it as a periodical. There was one giant volume each year.