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The INPI started in 1951. The earliest predecessor of the INPI was the Office de Brevets, the name of which was expanded to L'Office des brevets d'invention et des marques de fabrique, in 1900. This was re-named as the Office national de la propriété industrielle in 1902. The current designation, legally a per se replacement of the ONPI by the Institut national de la propriété industrielle was enacted by law no. 51-444 on 19 April 1951.

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The hospitality and facilitation offered by current INPI Courbevoie staff, on 11 and 12 January, 2018, has been greatly appreciated. This has greatly to do with access to archived publications generally not yet digitized. We are looking forward to continuing in this collaboration. Actually the Courbevoie location is the INPI office proper to the région française Île-de-France, so naturally there are others. Experts are on hand, online and via email. In terms of physical archives at the location, it is primarily the antique catalogues which are on hand, as opposed to actual patent originals, though access to these may be requested in advance.

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The “Office des brevets” was replaced in in 1919 by the “Office national de la propriété industrielle” (ONPI), which was replaced by the “Institut national de la propriété industrielle” (INPI), on the 19th of April, 1951.

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Patent laws, per INPI book:

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  • 9 jui 1901
  • 7 avr 1906
  • 24 oct 1919
  • many more on page 202 of Emptoz and Marchal


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  • show and Fr and En and identify the ones in aero
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Key terms:

  • dossier, p60-61, 66
  • 1791-1844
Contemporary sources on French patents
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  • BOPI 1884-1901, pp 82-83
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