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The name United States Patent Office was changed to USPTO in 1975.[1]

USPTO's patent tech classifications were of the USPC type until about 2015, and the examiners are still organized that way it seems (in Art units). Now they assign CPC codes.

Archives and libraries

We have been to STIC a couple of times, and can go back. It would be wise to coordinate with officials at USPTO in advance since STIC is not by default ready for customers.

Historical records related to patents submitted at the US Patent Office are located physically at the National Archives facility in Kansas City, Missouri. Records must be requested two days in advance. 400 West Pershing Road; Phone: 816-268-8000; Email: kansascity.archives@nara.gov.

This series consists of patent case files. Each patent case file may include the file jacket, issued patent specification and drawings, petition, applicant's initial specification, oath of invention, applicant's drawings, amendments to the specification, powers of attorney, reports by patent attorney, notice of allowances, receipt for fees, and correspondence with the inventor(s) and their attorneys. The letters patent were given to the inventor.[2]

Economic research office

When possible, we co-present in sessions at conferences with the USPTO's historians and economists.


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