Bulletin Officiel de la propriété industrielle & commerciale

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The Bulletin Officiel de la propriété industrielle & commerciale (BOPI) was a periodical published by the French government with information about 19th century French patents. Some editions are available at the USPTO library. Usage of the shorter title "Bulletin Officiel de la propriété industrielle" also occurs. We are not certain as to the degree to which the use of the longer title became consistent, absolute, or any degree to which there may have been overlap.

Published by the French Ministère du commerce et de l'industrie 1881-1906 or perhaps 1884-1934.[1] Or perhaps to 1960.[2]

Incidentally, the years on which we are focusing, at least after 1902, are years in which the French patent office was known as the Office national de la propriété industrielle. This will be relevant in terms of contemporaneously published patent catalogues and so forth.

For historiography on this wiki

  • BOPI was published in some years that also have a CdB. For our purposes the BOPI entries are usually more informative than CdB ones; e.g. they include the year right in each entry, and it will be explicit if the entry is a cert d'addition.
  • A BOPI entry will have -- -- on each side of the number, whereas a CdB one will not.
  • Editors of this wiki had some access to the BOPI publications at the U.S. Patent Office library in Alexandria, Virginia, and to many more at INPI in France.
  • Here is a BOPI from 2005, published by INPI: [1]
  • 1889 book on procedures for French patents