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Albert Hirth in 1910
Diagram page of Patent AT-1913-68090

Albert Hirth was a German engineer of whom we primarily know as the father of Hellmuth Hirth, an individual more generally pertinent to us in terms of piloting, airplanes more generally and propellers most particularly. In terms of patents filed, it is with reference to propellers that the father, Albert Hirth, becomes pertinent to us.[1]

He was born 7 October 1858 in Meimsheim, Landkreis Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and deceased 12 October 1935 in [2] He seems to have been residing in Cannstatt-Stuttgart when he did his key aero-filing.[3]

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Names Albert Hirth
Birth date 1858/10/07
Death date 1935/10/12
Countries AT, DE
Locations Meimsheim,Germany, Cannstatt-Stuttgart, Germany, and Nonnenhorn, Germany
Occupations Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Tech areas Design, Propellers, Airplane, Industry
Affiliations Hellmuth Hirth
Wikidata id