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Alphonse Tellier was a builder of motor boats.

Tellier produced at least five unnumbered aircraft and one numbered aircraft, 1909-1916, including a monoplane and the T1, a monoplane racer, identified as 1910 by SD but possibly later. In June 1916 Tellier and/or the firm tested the T2, a flying boat, which developed into a better T3, January 1917, with 200hp Hispano-Sousa motor. Tellier built 53 T3s and Éstablissements Nieuport, SA, built another 47; after that Tellier introduced at least five updated versions and at least three and perhaps all of these were built by both Tellier and Nieuport. In August 1918, Tellier was acquired by Nieuport, which sold about a dozen Nieuport-Tellier flying boats before its closing in 1920.

We do not yet know what years the company was A. Tellier et Cie and what years it was Établissements Tellier. 1920Dir lists Établissements Tellier and from experience in that directory, this information is likely two years old. In 1921, Tellier built a parasol airplane; we do not know what its affiliation was at that time.

We have them addressed at 3 & 5 Boulevard de Levallois prolongé, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, département Seine, France.[1]


Names A. Tellier et Cie, Établissements Tellier
Country France
City Quai de Seine, Argenteuil, département Seine-et-Oise, France; 3 & 5 Boulevard de Levallois prolongé, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, département Seine, France
Keywords Hydroplane
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1918
Key people Alphonse Tellier
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