Luftfahrzeug-Gesellschaft m. b. H.

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Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft (LFG) was financed by investors including Krupp. Apparently, from sometime in 1915, designer Dipl. Ing. Tantzen.

LFG started at former Flugmaschine Wright GmbH] factory in Adlershof, what was done at that factory is unclear to us. Sometime before October 1915 company is renamed LFG Roland and factory established at Berlin-Charlottenberg to build Albatros B amd C type (seaplanes?). Some 270 LFG Roland C2, apparently an improved Albatros C, designed by Tantzen, October 1915, are built with 50 additional built by Linke-Hoffman. This was followed by additional C and D models. Prototypes built at Straslund include V19 observation floatplane able to fold into hangar on U-boat.

After WWI this company built monoplane and biplane seaplanes. including a series of passenger seaplanes. Company was liquidated in 1928.

Dir1920, p28, lists Roland-Maschineenbau GmbH at Berlin-Charlottenburg

Names: Initially Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft (LFG); later renamed LFG Roland


Names Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft, LFG, LFG Roland
Country Germany
City Aldershof initally; then Berlin-Charlottenberg with seaplane works at Straslund
Started aero 1912
Ended aero 1928
Key people Krupp, Tantzen
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