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BOPI entry pertinent to Patent FR-1894-243350
Original page 4 of Patent FR-1912-441365

Auguste Vicherat was a French aero inventor, filing in 1912 from département Yonne, France.[1]

He, or at least someone of the surname, was earlier associated with the location "chez le sieur Petel, rue Saint-Vincent de Paul, 17, Paris".[2] A non-aero British patent filed in 1900 has an Auguste Vicherat filing from Rue Reaumur, 33, Paris, with the occupation Inventor, and filing with another Inventor who is using the same address.[3] It is conceivable that Auguste Vicherat is the Vicherat filing in 1894, and that he may not have actually lived in Paris. Still, the separation in years between the two aero-patents is odd, and the contents are wide-ranging. It may be that another Vicherat was active in the 1890s.

(The attached photo is of data found in BOPI 14 (1894))

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Auguste Vicherat

  • Patent FR-1895-243350E (English title: Cert of addition to the patent taken, 4 Dec 1894, for the direction of aerostats with the aid of the heavier than air, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1894-243350)
  • Patent FR-1894-243350 (English title: direction of aerostats with the aid of the heavier than air, Filing date: 1894-12-04)
  • Patent FR-1912-441365 (English title: Improvements to flying machines, Filing date: 1912-03-15)


Names Auguste Vicherat
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Paris, département Seine, France ; département Yonne, France
Occupations railway worker
Tech areas Hybrid, Infrastructure, aerodrome, Aerostat, avion, Airplane, Texture, Wing, Construction, Stability, Lift, Elevation, Navigation, Hydroaeroplane, Sustentation
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