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The Wiener Aëro-Klub was founded in 1900–1, a culmination of the excitement stirred by a lecture in Vienna on 15 Dec. 1899 by V. Silberer about the Wiener Flugtechnischer Verein or Vienna Flight Technology Association, which see. Captain Franz Hinterstoisser was elected chairman and Victor Silberer, vice chairman. The club's patron was His Highness, the Kaiser and King, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

The club had a 1230 m3 percale balloon, Helios, procured in 1905 from Carton & Lachambre in Paris.[1]

Silberer was president in 1903 and some 67 members were reported. Membership at the beginning of 1906 was 79, including nine aeronauts. Published or co-published monthly journal, Wiener Luftschiffer-Zeitung, 1902-1914, under its and then its successors' names.

The club possessed its own flying grounds and balloon stores. Statuten des Wiener Aero-Klub or bylaws were published in 1905. It became the tenth national club in the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) when its admission was ratified 27 May 1908. It underwent a change of name in 1910, becoming the Österreichischer Aero-Club.

Affiliated with FAI, 1908, 27 May-1910

Note: a "Führer" of the Aëro-Klub is a pilot, not the group's leader.

Notes on date of founding

According to Braunbeck's, the Wiener Aëro-Klub or Vienna Aero Club was founded at the beginning of 1900. The Pocket-Book of Aeronautics from 1907, however, which has information derived from the original German Pocket-Books for Aeronauts, the second edition of which was published in 1904, lists the founding as occurring in August 1901. If founded in August 1901, it would have been early in the month for the club's first organized balloon ascent was on 9 Aug. 1901.

According to Keimel, 1981, Österreichs Luftfahrzeuge (p. 14), the club was founded on 7 March 1901.


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Organization names Vienna Aero Club; Wiener Aero Club; Wiener Aëro Klub; Wiener Aeroklub; Österreichischer Aero-Club
Entity type
Country AT
City Vienna, Austria
Affiliated with FAI
Scope Local
Started aero 1900
Ended aero 1910, name change
Key people Franz Hinterstoisser, Victor Silberer, Artur Boltzmann
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  • Address: 1 Annahof, Vienna (at least 1906-1910)

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