Publication 2147, 1887, Braun's electro-dynamic airship

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Original title Braun's electro-dynamic airship
Simple title Braun's electro-dynamic airship
Date 1887
Countries US, CA
Languages en
Keywords Martin Braun
Journal Scient. Amer., S. Can. Mag.
Related to aircraft? 1
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  • It seems to make sense to split this one into two records, because it was published multiple places. To do
  • Based on a patent the same year, this publication probably refers to Martin Braun.


  • Brockett 1910, page 149, entry 2147: Braun's electro-dynamic airship. Scient. Amer., Vol. 56, 1887, New York, p. 249. S. Can. Mag., Vol. 15, 1887, Montreal, p. 159. (2147