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Adjustment of the angle of the incidence of propeller blades for control.

"The inventor describes a pendulum stability device according to which the tilting of the machine controls the power of the engines which drive the screw propellers so that the machine is automatically righted. Lifting and driving screws are described in which the forward edge of each blade is rigid while the rear edge is flexible, and controlled by a spring which can yield if the propeller is subjected to undue stress. It is stated that the tension of the springs controlling the flexible edges of the blades may be increased or diminished at the will of the aviator." (Neilson, p23)

Maxim explains why and how he uses acetylene gas for his engine:

It is to be remarked that oil engines, that is to say engines in which the vapours of petroleum are used in place of coal gas, do not work so well or develop so much power as when ordinary coal gas is employed. But I find that if acetylene gases by used in place of petroleum oil vapour, the power of the engines may be greatly augmented and the certainty of their action increased, owing principally to the fact that the range of explosive mixtures composed of acetylene gas and air is much greater than that of mixtures composed of oil vapours or gas and air. I therefore prefer to use acetylene gas for driving my engines; and in order to render the use of such gas safe and to reduce the pressure to which it must be subjected to keep it in a liquid condition within the reserves, I prefer to mix therewith a substance such as acetone or acetic ether or some of the other carbonaceous liquids.

  • Inventor location: 18, Queen's Gate Place, County of Middlesex
  • Inventor occupation: Mechanical engineer


Year filed 1897
Year granted 1898
Office GB
Patent number 10620
Inventors Hiram Stevens Maxim
Inventor country GB
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Original title Improvements in Aerial or Flying Machines
English title Flying Machines
Tech fields navigation, stability, propeller, frame, steel, propulsion, acetylene
Filing date 1897-04-28
Full specification filed date 1898-02-28
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Grant date 1898-04-02
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