Léon-Émile Parisot

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Léon-Émile Parisot was an aero inventor filing from within département Seine, France.[1]

The article about him in French Wikipedia says: He obtained a pilot's license in 1909. In Sept 1910 and landed his airplane on the Esplanade des Invalides in Paris, then crashed into a lamppost. He became director of an aviation school in Liège.[2]


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Léon-Émile Parisot or Leon-Emile Parisot or Léon Parisot

Names Léon-Émile Parisot; Leon-Emile Parisot; Léon Parisot
Birth date 1881-01-29
Death date 1913-06-29
Countries FR
Locations département Seine, France
Occupations pilot
Tech areas Landing gear, Landing, Launching, Airplane, Suspension, Motors, Propellers
Wikidata id Q16222617