Juan de la Cierva

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Juan de la Cierva was a Spanish civil and aeronautical engineer. He had tinkered with autogiros by 1912.[1] Jewkes, Sawers, and Stillerman, 1969 say that he became one of the most influential early engineers/designers of helicopters.

Cierva had some rather good 3-motor airplane design in 1914 that the Spanish govt adopted for a war air craft design ?! (He was born in 1895, and that seems too young for him to have affected WWI. However this is what the sources in enwp say.[2][3])


Names Juan de la Cierva; Juan de la Ciera y Codorníu; 1st Count of la Ciera
Birth date 1895
Death date 1936
Countries ES
Occupations civil engineer, aeronautical engineer
Tech areas Helicopter
Affiliations Cierva Autogiro Company
Wikidata id Q354646