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Josef Deixler (sometimes written Joseph) was an aero inventor in Austria and the Netherlands.

(On Austrian and French patents his location is given as Hague, Netherlands; but on two British patents it's St. Martin, Upper Austria (w:Sankt Martin im Innkreis).

A photo of a Deixler aeroplane appears in a 1907 number of The Sphere magazine, from an exhibition at Islington (April 13, p. 32).

In 1909 he exhibited at the Aero Club of UK's Olympia Aero Show and received a bronze medal.[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Josef Deixler or Joseph Deixler

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  1. Flight, 3 April 1909, p. 197 (at Hathitrust).

Names Josef Deixler; Joseph Deixler
Birth date
Death date
Countries NL, AT
Locations Scheveningen, Hague; St. Martin, Austria
Occupations hotelier
Tech areas LTA, Airplane, Balloon
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