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The historic Dutch IdT ("Indeling der Techniek"), or Classification of Technology is the relevant patent classification in the early aero period.

EPO has used "the European Classification (ECLA). The development of ECLA started in the early 1970s at the former Institut International des Brevets (IIB) in The Hague. This patent search authority used the old Dutch classification scheme called IdT ("Indeling der Techniek") for the structure of its search documentation."[1]

To the best of our knowledge "Indeling der Techniek 62" is the classification most consistently pertinent to our interests when approaching data via the BPP eRegister ( of the Netherlands Patent Office. What we may designate NL 62 is therefore the key broadly inclusive Dutch national patent classification pertaining to aviation and LTA. Sub-classifications, according to "Klasse", and further into "Groep", all within NL 62, are found in association with each actual patent.


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