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CPC B63H1/12 is a category of technologies used in patents, associated with the orientation of propellers.[1][2]

Nearby classifications:[1]

  • CPC B63H1/00 Propulsive elements directly acting on water (jet propulsion CPC B63H11/00; attachment of propellers on shafts CPC B63H23/34)
    • CPC B63H1/02 of rotary type (endless-track type CPC B63H1/34)
      • CPC B63H1/12 with rotation axis substantially in propulsive direction
        • CPC B63H2001/122 Single or multiple threaded helicoidal screws, or the like, comprising foils extending over a substantial angle; Archimedean screws
          • CPC B63H2001/125 with helicoidal foils projecting from outside surfaces of floating rotatable bodies, e.g. rotatable, cylindrical bodies
          • CPC B63H2001/127 with helicoidal foils projecting from inside surfaces of rotating shrouds; Archimedean screws
        • CPC B63H1/14 Propellers (pitch changing CPC B63H3/00)
          • CPC B63H2001/145 comprising blades of two or more different types, e.g. different lengths
          • CPC B63H1/15 having vibration damping means (anti-vibration mounting of propulsion plant CPC B63H21/30; means for damping vibration in general CPC F16F)
          • CPC B63H1/16 having a shrouding ring attached to blades
            • CPC B63H2001/165 Hubless propellers, e.g. peripherally driven shrouds with blades projecting from the shrouds' inside surfaces
          • CPC B63H1/18 with means for diminishing cavitation, e.g. supercavitation
          • CPC B63H2001/185 Surfacing propellers, i.e. propellers specially adapted for operation at the water surface, with blades incompletely submerged, or piercing the water surface from above in the course of each revolution
          • CPC B63H1/20 Hubs; Blade connections
            • CPC B63H1/22 the blades being foldable
              • [[CPC B63H1/24]] automatically foldable or unfoldable
          • CPC B63H1/26 Blades
            • CPC B63H1/265 each blade being constituted by a surface enclosing an empty space, e.g. forming a closed loop
          • CPC B63H1/28 Other means for improving propeller efficiency (water-guiding elements formed by shape of hull CPC B63H5/00)
            • CPC B63H2001/283 Propeller hub caps with fins having a pitch different from pitch of propeller blades, or a helix hand opposed to the propellers' helix hand
            • CPC B63H2001/286 Injection of gas into fluid flow to propellers, or around propeller blades


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