Griffith Brewer to Alexander Ogilvie 26-Nov-1912

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Brewer writes to Ogilvie while staying with the Wright Brothers in America. Orville met him at the dock in New York and brought him to Dayton.

Orville Wright has been discussing with Brewer a series of accidents in which a comfortably gliding aircraft has suddenly pointed downwards and crash-landed. "In some instances, such accidents have been attributed to the fouling of the control wires, but in an inquest held by the American authorities on the wreck of an army machine, the control wires were found to be intact." Orville suspects this problem results from the engine stalling, and has produced the same result by deliberately stalling mid-flight.

Brewer thinks this that Ogilbie might wish to convey this information to British aviators, and suggests he might share it with Flight technical editor A. E. Berriman .


Sender Griffith Brewer
Recipient Alexander Ogilvie
Date sent 26-Nov-1912
From location Dayton, Ohio
To location
Communication type
Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, propulsion, engine
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