Etrich Flieger Werke

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Igo Etrich, owner-designer built bird-inspired designs, especially the "Etrich Taube (i.e, dove) monoplane, which it built in large numbers, 1909-1916. Refined to meet the needs of the military, additional Taube production was undertaken from 1912 at the Etrich Flieger-werke GmbH at Liebau in Silesia. Licensed Taubes were also built by Edmund Rumpler, Albatros, DFW, Gothe, Halberstadt, Jeannin, Kondor, Krieger, LVG, and Lubeck-Travemunde.


Names Etrich Flieger Werke
Country Austria-Hungary
City Vienna and Wiener-Neustadt Airfield, Vienna
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1916?
Key people Igo Etrich, Edmund Rumpler
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