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Rumpler is the man on the right.
The Edmund Rumpler
German Federal Archive Image 183-H0801-0500-001, Berlin, newspaper of the Ullstein Publishing House Car
Edmund Rumpler's Gravestone in Stahnsdorf

Edmund Rumpler, born 4 January 1872, in Vienna, Austria, deceased 7 September 1940, in Züsow, near Wismar, was an Austrian automobile and aircraft designer, working mainly in Germany. He was automotive engineer by training, and worked in that field until 1907.[1][2]

Influenced by the Wright Brothers, he began focusing on aviation, and, in 1910, copying the Etrich Taube, he became the first aircraft manufacturer in Germany.[1]

He continued working with automobiles, and after the First World War, he applied aircraft streamlining to a car, building the Tropfenwagen (German, "drop car"), a production model becoming a sensation at the 1921 Berlin Auto Show. Related efforts, in the automotive field continued, though his Tropfenwagen was not a commercial success, only 100 Tropfenwagen were built, and just two of which survive.[3]

He did return to aircraft.[1]

Because he was Jewish, Rumpler was imprisoned after Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, his career being thereby ruined. Though he was soon released, he died in 1940, with the Nazis destroying his records.[1]

It is mainly in his manufacture of a variant on the Etrich Taube that he concerns us. More on his manufacturing can be found on Rumpler-Werke A.-G.. in Berlin-Johannisthal‎‎ and Rumpler-Werke G.m.b.H. in Berlin-Johannisthal‎‎, and information regarding the Taube production in particular may be found at Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler.

Luftfahrtzeugbau Gessellschaft Ing. Edmund Rumpler is inclusive of further biographical material.

(It may that, in keeping with his formal training, he was a first rate automotive engineer, and that its was indeed primarily in his administrative an corporate roles that he played a major part in aeronautics. As an individual he filed few patents, if more than one, within our field of study.)

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Edmund Rumpler

Publications by or about Edmund Rumpler

Rumpler-Werke G.m.b.H. in Berlin-Johannisthal‎‎, E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H. and to a lesser extent Rumpler-Werke A.-G. in Berlin-Johannisthal‎‎, contain the aero patents filed under these corporate designations. There are are other corporate designations as well. These matters are being clarified.



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Names Edmund Rumpler
Birth date 4 January 1872
Death date 7 September 1940
Countries AT, DE
Occupations Engineer, Entrepreneur, designer and manufacturer, automobile engineer, designer, manufacturer
Tech areas automobile, Industry, Biplane, Monoplane, Reconnaissance, Military
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