Eddy, 1897, Photographing from kites

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Kite photography and telegraphy.

"The chief danger in mid-air kite photography is that the strong pull of forty or fifty pounds used to lift the camera may break the line."

In a series following Millet, 1897, Scientific kite-flying and Wise, 1897, Experiments with kites.

Original title Photographing from kites
Simple title Photographing from kites
Authors William A. Eddy
Date 1897
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords photography, kite, J. Woodbridge Davis, William H. Mitchell, Henry L. Allen, communications, Blue Hill Observatory, Abbott Lawrence Rotch, H.H. Clayon, S.P. Fergusson
Journal Century Mag.
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 6
Word count
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  • Brockett 1910, page 271, entry 3934: Eddy, William A. Photographing from kites. Century Mag., Vol. 54 (N. S. Vol. 32, No. 1) (May 1897), New York, pp. 86-91, ill. S (3934