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Cyrus Adler, best known as an authority on historical research related to Judaism, worked in a broader capacity for the U.S. government and the Smithsonian Institution, as an exhibition organizer and curator. An early and spectacular instance of this work was the coordination of international exhibits (not necessarily aeronautical) at the 1893 Chicago Exhibition.[1]

Adler was Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian from 1905–1908,[2] at which time he seems to have had some involvement in aeronautic history.

He was a friend and defender of Smithsonian Secretary Samuel Pierpont Langley, and read a biographical sketch of him to the Philosophical Society of Washington in 1906. [3]

The University of Pennysylvania holds the Cyrus Adler Papers, which contain correspondence between Adler and Langley.

Publications by or about Cyrus Adler


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Names Cyrus Adler
Birth date 1863-09-13
Death date 1840-04-07
Countries US
Locations Van Buren, Arkansas; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington, DC
Occupations historian, curator
Tech areas
Affiliations Smithsonian Institution
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