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September 1908 aero filings as listed within the 1909-1911 volumes of the Aeronautical Journal

The Aeronautical Journal was a major British periodical, published by the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. Later the journal's name changed to Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society as the society changed its name)

Some volumes are online at HathiTrust:

The AJ regularly published lists of British and American aero patents of interest. The dates given in the Journal are the dates of application, aka filing dates.[1]

  • July 1908, Applications for Patents. (Made in April, May, and June). Aeronautical Journal, July, 1908, p. 100.

The printer was King, Sell, & Railton, Ltd., 12, Gough Square, 4, Bolt Court, and 4, Birchin Lane, E.C.

Many issues are available in Harvard's Widener library: [1]. Peter's using nice bound copies of the 1909-1911 issues from there.


  1. Based a date correspondence with Neilson, 1910, Aeroplane Patents, and its stated rationale about a patent's term beginning with the date of application, that AJ's dates are application dates. (Confirmed by Patent GB-1895-10239 which has a full-text scan on espacenet; date given in AJ is the date of application.)

Publications in Aër. Journ or Aër. Journ.

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